C11 Release

New in this Version

ImageEx ( Build 5.9 E ) has important changes.

  • Clarion 11 Support
  • This version of ImageEx provides support for Clarion 11.

    Please note that as of the release of Clarion 11, we will only support the latest 3 versions of Clarion for new product development and improvements. 

    Our older versions and installers will continue to work and be available for use with older versions of Clarion. But with very few and minor exceptions there will be no fixes or improvements to the old versions and installers.

  • New Signature Capture Control

    A new Signature Capture Control has been added to this build of ImageEx!

    This control allows you to capture a digital signature with a PC tablet or other touch screen device by simply dropping a control on your window and filling in the template prompts.  You can download a demo of the control here.
  • Other improvements
  • Direct support has been added for CapeSoft Resize And Split.  ImageEx controls will now correctly resize without any hand code when this template is in control.

    There are also numerous small improvements and bug fixes under the hood.


Click here to see the other changes in the 5.9 series of releases and for information about what is coming in ImageEx 6.0.

This is just an example of what we are doing with this next major release of ImageEx!

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