Smart-Type - Intellisense for your Clarion Applications

The Smart-Type template (formerly available at
is now a LANSRAD Clarion template!

An update is now available with Clarion 11 support.

Smart-Type was originally developed by Dave Beggs in Australia.  It is a fantastic piece of code and a very useful addition to any Clarion developer’s toolkit.

LANSRAD is very pleased to have added this template to our family and look forward to continuing it’s enhancement and keeping this great code alive!

This is a new version of the Smart-Type class/template set.  It has been updated for Clarion 10, rewritten to provide full support for multi-DLL applications and a new option to use the Spacebar as the completion key has been added.

Be sure to get your copy today!

Version 5.50 is available now.


What is Smart-Type?

Smart-Type makes it easy for you to add an “intellisense” type feature to your applications.

As your users type the code monitors their typing and looks for patterns that match those stored in the phrase data file. When a match occurs, a suggestion is made and “typed ahead” for them.  An optional listbox displays multiple matches (so they can select one) if they occur.

Unlike a typical lookup field, Smart-Type matches on any word they are typing - not just the first one.

Smart-Type works on Entry Fields, Text Fields (even without the IMM attribute set) and even in RTF and Edit-in-Place controls!

Smart-Type works by subclassing the Text or Entry control in a thread safe, MDI compatible manner. You can open a thread many times, and have several controls on the same window.

It's best use is in situations where the user is typing in a paragraph - such as medical histories.

You can also provide "preemptive spell checking" !!!

The new option to use the Spacebar as the completion trigger provides additional flexibility when needed.


If your users type repetitive text, Smart-Type can improve both the speed of their data entries as well as their reliability and consistency.


  • Smart-Type works with these  versions of Clarion - 10, 9.x, 8X, 7X, and 6X
  • Smart-Type works ABC applications only
  • Smart-Type has no black box code

Smart-Type 5.50 Full Version


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Smart-Type 5.50 Update from older versions


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