RichReport - RTF Printing on reports in Clarion

RichReport is the easy way to print RTF content on your reports in Clarion!

An update is now available with Clarion 11.1 support.

RichReport is a class and templates set that allows printing of RTF text on standard Clarion reports.

It is easy to implement and allows you to RTF-enable the reports in your applications without writing a single line of code!

Even a beginner can add RTF printing to an application in seconds!

What RichReport is:

RichReport supports all formatting elements also supported by the Clarion RTF control (and maybe some more!).  All you have to do is put the RichReport control template on your report and tell it where to get the text from.

The text source can either be:

    •a database field of type STRING or MEMO
    •a BLOB
    •an RTF file (either on-disk or linked into your EXE/DLL)

Both RTF and plain (unformatted) text are supported. In beta 4, a so called "PrintMode" was introduced:

    •Line by line: The detail band you've put the control template on will be printed repeatedly, once for each line of text. This allows clean page-breaking without truncating text. You shouldn't add other controls to the detail band unless you want them to also print for each line of text.

    •Complete: The detail band will be printed once, so other controls can be put on the same detail band as the RichReport control. The RTF text will be printed into the rectangle defined by the control template; text that doesn't fit into that rectangle won't be printed.

In short: RichReport is a light-weight and low-cost solution for printing simple RTF text.


What RichReport is NOT:

It is NOT a full-blown word-processor which supports all of the countless of features of RTF.

For example, images and tables are NOT supported. Instead, it was primarily designed to cover all the formatting elements introduced with the Clarion RTF control to give you the possibility to simply print RTF text.



  • RichReport works with all versions of Clarion 11X, 10, 9X, 8X, 7X, 6X and C5.5
  • RichReport ships with both Legacy and ABC templates and examples
  • RichReport can be used in single-exe or multi-DLL applications
  • RichReport contains no black box Clarion code (Full Clarion source is included)

Buying RichReport

Note: You can purchase with any major credit card at PayPal. Other Payment options will be available soon.

RichReport 3.0 Full Version

$99.95 USD

Buy Now

RichReport 3.0 Upgrade from earlier version

$29.95 USD

Buy Now


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