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  • If you are having problems with one of our tools, please be sure to provide details such as the tool version, your version of Clarion and OS version.
  • If you need us to resend your rregistration code and download details, please provide us order details including the E-mail address used when you placed the order.
  • If you have not received your registration code and download details, check your spam filter and be sure that sales AT clarionproseries DOT com (fix the address and remove the spaces) has been added to your friends list and address book.

We answer all E-mails as soon as we get them and always within 24 hours.

If you do not get a reply by then check the E-mail address that you are providing to us (or try a different one).  If our reply to you goes to an invalid address or one that is on some ISP blacklist, then there is nothing that we can do to contact you unless you provide an alternate E-mail address.

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