ImageEx Graphics Library for Clarion

ImageEx 5.9 (revision G) is now available
with Clarion 11.1 support
and a new Signature Capture control!

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ImageEx is the ultimate way to add support for scanning, photo manipulation and high speed graphics to your Clarion application!


It is the ultimate graphics and imaging toolkit for Clarion. It gives you everything you need to add professional strength image or graphics manipulation to your Clarion application.

“If you are a serious Clarion Developer and want to add real graphics and imaging capabilities to your programs – then this is one product that you can’t afford to miss!”

ImageEx can display images of 19 popular file formats and gives you more high performance graphics functions than any other 3rd party product.

ImageEx is very powerful – and easy to use! All major classes have an accompanying set of templates that will allow you to use them without even writing a single line of code - the CLARION way of imaging. In fact, ImageEx is the only available graphics & imaging library exclusively written for Clarion!


  • Extended image control to display images of 19 popular file formats (with more than 40 different file extensions) including TIFF, PNG and PCD on both windows and reports!
  • Fast and flicker free zooming and panning using the viewer control (mouse wheel supported)
  • Panoramic image viewing with user-defined, clickable hotspots
  • Class wrappers for creating, loading, modifying & saving 32bit images (24bit RGB - plus 8 bit alpha channel)
    image processing functions for adjusting contrast, brightness & intensity, gamma adjustment and color correction
  • Resizing, rotating, flipping and skewing images
  • Special effects like mosaic filter, convolution filters and colorizations
  • Royalty free TWAIN scanning without ANY other 3rd party files
  • Advanced drawing functions (line, rect, roundrect, ellipse, polygon, pie...) with alpha channel support and antialiasing for smooth results
  • Direct access to any single pixel in an image
  • High-quality text transformations like scaling, rotating and skewing
  • Screen capture functions for capturing the entire screen, single windows and controls or selectable regions
  • Read EXIF and IPTC metadata directly from image files
  • Utility functions like PictureDialog (a file dialog with a preview area for images), others for saving images to and loading from BLOBs (without the need for an image control), get properties from image files, and more!
  • Standard GDI context handle for interfacing GDI api functions with ImageEx bitmap objects


  • ImageEx works with all versions of Clarion 11.x, 10.x, 9X, 8X, 7X, 6X and C5.5
  • ImageEx ships with both Legacy and ABC templates and examples
  • ImageEx can be used in single-exe or multi-DLL applications
  • ImageEx contains no black box Clarion code (Full Clarion source is included)

Buying ImageEx

Note: You can purchase with any major credit card at PayPal. Other Payment options will be available soon.

A note on version 5.9/6.0 Purchases
When you purchase the interim version 5.9 release you will receive the upgrade to version 6.0 FREE!

ImageEx 5.9/6.0 Full Version

$349.95 USD

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ImageEx 5.9/6.0 Upgrade from version 5.X

$125.00 USD

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ImageEx 5.9/6.0 Upgrade from earlier versions

$175.00 USD

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ImageEx 5.9/6.0 Early Access Special Pricing Bundle with ProDocument (or for ProDocument users)

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