An update is now available with Clarion 11 support.

xSearch - A class/template set that gives you a powerful search function for any browse in your program.

List of Features:

  • The template is simplified to use minimum settings
  • Full Search through all fields of main and related files.1:MANY and MANY:1 relations are supported
  • Correct search substring in Option fields with Choice as string and value as number
  • Correct search on reference (parent) files (relation MANY:1)
  • Search on string variable in the reference (parent) files, using a code in the main file
  • Mark entries that match the search results
  • Tag records is supported: Tag All, Untag All, Show tagged, Show Untagged, Show All
  • Tag using mouse in first position of selected field
  • Includes an Extension for using in Report procedures. If the file on which is printed the report is tagged in the browse, the request about printing only of tagged entries is given.
  • Fomin Runtime Report supported

The xSearch template is one of the xProduct templates that LANSRAD acquired from SealSoft.

Current Version: 4.0


  • Clarion 11
  • Clarion 10
  • Clarion 9.x
  • Clarion 8
  • Clarion 7
  • Clarion 6.x
  • Clarion 5.5

Template Chains:

  • ABC Template Chain ONLY

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