Clarion ProSeries - Serious tools for Clarion developers
Clarion ProSeries - the new standard for Clarion Development Tools

Our Clarion Development Tools
make you the Professional matter where you work!

Programmers all over the world are buying our high quality imaging tools and adding features to their applications that get rave reviews from their customers!         

New Template!!! - Click here for details or to download a demo!

The Ultimate File and Document Manager for your Clarion application!
(now compatible with ImageEx, ProScan and ProImage)

The ImageEx and RichReport templates from Solid Software
are now LANSRAD products!
Click here for details.


Our Clarion Development Tools make you the professional - no matter where you work!

Looking for the SealSoft Clarion templates?

We are happy to welcome the entire line of xProduct templates into our family!


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Clarion ProArchive

New Release - Version 4.0   ...more

Add advanced record archiving to your Clarion applications in just minutes!

Share existing browses and reports between active and archive data files.

Archive parent and child records at the touch of a button, with a process template or with one line of hand code   ...more

Demos Available!

ProArchive 1.7

ProPath 1.4

ProCodeBlock 1.2

ProImage 1.6

ProScan 1.5
with a ProImage Editor

Clarion ProImage - the programmers photo editor!

New Release - Version 4.9   ...more

Add advanced image processing including Live Video Image Capture to your Clarion application in less than 10 minutes!       ...more

 Clarion ProScan - multipage document scanning add-on for Clarion

New Release - Version 4.9   ...more

Add multipage document scanning and storage with end user documentation to your Clarion application in less than ten minutes!      ...more

Special Savings!

Save $60 when you purchase the ProScan / ProImage Combo!

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Clarion ProPath - the Ultimate Path Manager for Clarion!

New Release - Version 4.0   ...more

Stop worrying about where to put your files on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7,
Server 2014/2012/2008 and Windows Vista today!

ProPath is the ultimate Path Manager for Clarion and the only Template/Class set that you need to get the job done!  ...more

Clarion ProCodeBlock - protect your limited or demo versions

New Release - Version 4.0

Create Hacker-Proof demo or limited feature versions of your applications with ease!

Sample of ProCodeBlock at work in EZChangeLog

ProCodeBlock lets you take control and improve your end user experience!   ...more

The Data Bridge makes exchanging images between ProScan and ProImage easy!

Buy ProScan and ProImage
Get the best of both worlds!

Use ProImage as a page editor for ProScan and your customers will love it!

  • Scan pages into ProScan, then send them into ProImage for image enhancement or cropping!
  • Import and process photos in ProImage and send them back to ProScan as a part of a multipage document!
  • Easily mix and match high quality photos and scanned documents in the same TIFF file!

The ProImage/ProScan Data Bridge makes integration between the two products seamless and no hand coding is required!

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