NEWS:  ProPath Version 2.0 Released on March 15, 2011

New in this version:

A well as some minor tweaks and fixes, Version 2.0 of ProPath brings new exciting major enhancements:

  • Support for Multiple Data Sets
  • The Multiple Data Set Support in ProPath makes it absolutely trivial for your users to create and switch between multiple data sets at runtime.  You can use this feature for such tasks as providing "demo" or "training" data with your application and then allowing the user to create "live" data sets and switch between them.  It is also a great way for your application to support cyclic data sets such as "2010 Data" and "2011 Data" and then allow the user to switch between the active and archive data sets with ease.

    Data sets can reside on the local PC, the network, or a combination of both. When combined with a security tool or software protection, it can also make it easy for your users to transition between "demo/training" and "live" data after they purchase your product without installing to multiple locations or losing the existing data.

  • FirstDeploy Technology
  • FirstDeploy Technology makes it simple to deploy files into UAC approved locations "at runtime".  This is essential for developers who want to provide demo data or training data on Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008.  Far more than just a copy routine, FirstDeploy uses a standalone application called the ProPathLoader (source included) to bundle files into groups and package them into deployment "container" files.  These files get placed in your application directory by your elevated installer (such as SetupBuilder). Then at runtime ProPath will automatically deploy them into the non-elevated UAC safe locations. This is an important part of making your programs UAC compliant and Windows 7 ready.

    FirstDeploy can work as a rules based system, deploying files at program startup under such conditions as  "Always", "Once Only At Startup", or "On Startup If Files Don't Exist". There are also #CODE templates that allow you to deploy files "On Demand" (which is great for "repairing" damaged or missing files that you provide with your application).  You could even use it to deploy data files that convert a "demo" version of your program into a "live" version.

    You can even deploy entire data sets when you are using FirstDeploy with the Multiple Data Set feature. This makes distributing "demo" or "training" data absolutely trivial. 

      Even More Examples

    Several new example apps have been added (both single EXE and Multi-DLL) that show you exactly how to get the most out of ProPath in your application.  The help file has also been extensively updated.

    Why the price change?

    The FirstDeploy Technology in ProPath is such a fantastic feature that we were originally going to bring it to market as a separate template set.  However after much consideration we decided to fully integrate it into our original ProPath template and raise the price just a bit. It is worth noting that the cost increase in ProPath is less than we were going to charge for the new template set.

    Effective March 15, 2011, the new price for ProPath will be $69.95 USD. 

    Upgrades for anyone who purchased ProPath more than a year ago are only $20.00 USD.

    Developers who purchased ProPath within the last year will get a FREE upgrade to the new version and should receive new download information within 24 hours.



    Note:  ProPath 2.0 is a major new release and a paid upgrade. 

    Your old download information will NOT work with the new installer. 

    The download links to the older version (1.5) of ProPath are still valid for anyone who does not upgrade.

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