NEWS:  ProPath Version 4.0 was Updated on 6/23/15

This version of ProPath is an exciting upgrade to ProPath technology!

Click here if you missed what was new in Version 2.1 or here if you missed the 2.0 release.

New in this version:

  • Clarion 10 support
  • Note that all of our templates that support Clarion 9.x or greater have been bumped to version 4 to make it easy for developers to know if they have a version that works with Clarion 10.x or Clarion 9.x.

  • Support for unlimited OTHER type data paths
  • ProPath now allows you to create an unlimited number of OTHER data mappings (in addition to the normal MAIN and SYSTEM folders).  These paths can be set in any location (just like the way you map the MAIN or SYSTEM folders), but they can also reside below the MAIN or SYSTEM folders.

  • Support for a LOGIN procedure
  • ProPath can now call your LOGIN procedure during the initialization process. This allows you to control user access before the program even maps the location of the data files.  Using the new OTHER data location feature you can map the location of your login data file, then deny access (or the selection of data sets) if a login fails.

  • Built-in Support for SecWin
  • ProPath now had built-in support for using the CapeSoft SecWin templates for user LOGIN control.

  • First Deploy Support for OTHER data locations and BEFORE LOGIN deployment
  • ProPath can now deploy files into data paths established by the OTHER type mappings. It also has settings that allow you to deploy a file set BEFORE the LOGIN procedure is called.  This allows you to distribute default security files ( as well as other files) with your application if needed.

      Even More Examples

    New example apps have been added (both single EXE and Multi-DLL) that show you exactly how to get the most out of ProPath in your application.  The help file has also been updated with the new features.

    Effective March 15, 2011, the new price for ProPath will be $69.95 USD. 

    Upgrades for copies of ProPath purchased before August 14, 2012 are only $29.95 USD.

    Developers who purchased ProPath within the last year will get a FREE upgrade to the new version and should receive new download information within 24 hours.


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