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Download the ProArchive demo and try it for yourself!

Take the plunge - download ProScan today!NOTE: This demo is one of the demo applications that ship with ProArchive.





It demonstrates the following:

  • Archiving parent and related child records
  • Archiving records with Blob fields
  • Archiving records with Memo fields
  • UnArchiving records
  • Using a Process Template to archive multiple records
  • Using Handcode to archive records
  • Using the optional parameter to open an existing browse directly to the archive file
  • Toggling a browse between the active file and the archive file
  • Using the same report to display records from either the active file or the archive file

Both the installer and the demo application are code-signed. The installer creates a shortcut in Programs to run the demo app and by default the app installs to C:\ProArchive Demo. 

Click here to download the demo.


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