ProImage 4.9   ( Revision B - Updated July-3-2017 )

New in this Version

ProImage 4.9 has important changes.

  • Clarion 11 Support

    The installer has been updated for Clarion 11
  • ProDocument Support
  • This version of ProImage provides direct support for our new ProDocument template. There are new control templates that allow you to add images from the ProImage Editor directly to the document manager as well as edit images stored in the document manager using ProImage.

    This feature can totally change the paradigm of how ProImage works for you since it will allow you to have an unlimited number of images  associated with a parent record (or just in a list of images not associated with any parent record).

    If you have not yet looked at ProDocument you need to as it can be a real game changer for you!

  • Class Based Code - faster compiles
  • Since ProDocument is already using the new class based versions of the shared PSUtilities class/template set, this version of ProImage has been adapted to use the new classes as well. Version 5.0 of ProImage will be completely class based (instead of using the INCLUDE statements).  In addition to making it easier to use ProImage in multi-DLL programs, you applications will also compile faster since Clarion will not regenerate the object code each time you compile.

  • Other improvements
  • The Advanced Previewer now auto detects when a WMF file is being loaded and uses a core helper utility in ImageEx to display the file.  This results in a much higher quality display of WMF files than by simply loading them into a viewer or image control.

    There are also numerous small improvements and bug fixes under the hood.


Why version 4.9?

Our original plans were to hold the new versions of ImageEx, ProScan and ProImage until they were code complete.  However we listen to our customers and there were so many developers who had purchased ProDocument and wanted to be able to use it with these templates that we decided to do an interim release of each of them.

These releases are available TODAY and they allow you to start using ProDocument NOW.  They also provide a nice gentle upgrade process for your existing applications to the new major versions.

Developers who purchase version 4.9 of ProImage
get the version 5.0 update FREE!


Coming in ProImage 5.0

  • New Slider Control.  Version 5.0 will make use of the new image slider control that is a part of ImageEx 6.0.  This is an excellent tool for allowing users to navigate through multiple images (such as a directory) and select/tag/edit them.
  • New Image Editor.  It will also have a new (optional) editor that functions more like the mainstream image editors your customers are already used to.
  • Batch Image Processing.  Version 5.0 will have batch processing of images. By harnessing our ImageAssembler class and our new batch processing class you can easily process multiple images for tasks such as resizing, adding captions, free text or watermarks.  You can also rename (with prefix or postfixes for the filename) and output to a different directory.
  • Text to Image.  It also includes a new “Text to Image” class. This class accepts a string parameter (either single or multiline) and uses our scalable font technology to convert it to a image. The image can be saved as a single image or sliced into the number of rows and columns you specify.  This is very useful for creating “cards” that always display correctly.  The slice technology also works well for presenting data in a NetTalk webserver and preventing casual screen scraping.
  • Fully Class Based.  The new version will be fully class based (no longer using any INCLUDE statements to pull chunks of code into context). This will make your applications compile faster!

This is just an example of what we are doing with this next major release of ProImage!

Click here to order your upgrade today!


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