NEWS:  ProPath Version 2.1 Released on May 24, 2011

This version of ProPath continues the enhancements of the 2.x series of ProPath upgrades and enhancements.  Click here if you missed what was new in Version 2.0.

New in this version:

  • Automatic exclusion of ADO, SQL and ODBC file types
  • This version expands the base capabilities of the template by letting it automatically exclude tables with the following database driver types from ProPath management:

    •  ADO
    • ODBC 
    • MS-SQL 
    • Pervasive SQL
    • Pervasive Btrieve
    • SQL Anywhere 
    • Oracle 

    Tables with these driver types are excluded from the pick lists in the templates and also from NAME manipulation by ProPath.

    This makes it easy for developers who use ADO, SQL and ODBC file types ( as well as mixed environments that include files such as TPS files ) to use ProPath.


  • Native Support for TPS SuperFiles
    ( storing multiple tables in a single TPS file )
  • ProPath now has native support for TPS SuperFiles.

    If you have files setup in your DCT where the NAME is declared in the format of
    <filename>\!<tablename> then ProPath will manage the <filename> portion of the NAME and include the <tablename> as needed for the SuperFIle.


      Even More Examples

    New example apps have been added (both single EXE and Multi-DLL) that show you exactly how to get the most out of ProPath in your application.  The help file has also been updated with the new features.

    Effective March 15, 2011, the new price for ProPath will be $69.95 USD. 

    Upgrades for anyone who purchased ProPath more than a year ago are only $20.00 USD.

    Developers who purchased ProPath within the last year will get a FREE upgrade to the new version and should receive new download information within 24 hours.


    Note: This is a FREE upgrade for all ProPath 2.0 users.  Use the same download information that you used for ProPath 2.0.

    Note:  ProPath 2.0 was a major new release and a paid upgrade. Click here to purchase the upgrade from version 1.x to the latest version.

    If you are a ProScan 1.x user, your download information will NOT work with the new installer.

    However the download links to the older version (1.5) of ProPath are still valid for anyone who does not upgrade.

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