Why Did We Create ProCodeBlock?
Clarion ProCodeBlock

Why ProCodeBlock?

You might wonder why we created ProCodeBlock.

When we created our EZChangeLog product we made the decision to offer a FREE Standard Edition of the software.

We knew that this software would make itís way around all the download sites and be widely distributed.  We needed to be able to sleep at nights knowing that there was absolutely no way that the free edition could ever be hacked or converted into the full version.

Even though we use Armadillo protection and our own SoftDefense product to provide the highest level of security possible for a Clarion developer, we did not want to take any chances at all that the free version could ever be hacked.

We also wanted to control the end user experience and take every opportunity to convert the person using the free edition into a sale for our Professional Edition.

Finally we needed something that would be easy to maintain in the long run.

Since the free version of EZChangeLog would be actively supported and updated we needed a way to keep the free version up to date without spending a lot of time on it.

So we created ProCodeBlock .

ProCodeBlock gives us the peace of mind that we wanted.  Since the blocked code sections are literally sliced out of the program at compile time, they are 100% hacker-proof. No matter how good a hacker is, he canít jump to a procedure that does not physically exist in the program!

When the user tries to access a feature in the program that is CodeBlocked, we can display a message and open a section of our HTML help file to tell them about the blocked feature. Then we can take them to our website to purchase the product.  ProCodeBlock even makes sure that they only have single user access to our data with the free version.

Last but not least ProCodeBlock is easy for us to maintain.

Once we added it to our program and set the actions that we wanted taken when the user tries to access a CodeBlocked feature it became a true ďset it and forget itĒ solution.

It only takes a minute to create a new version of the free edition whenever we update the Professional edition of EZChangeLog.

ProCodeBlock is a solid winner for our software development.


Buy your copy today and let ProCodeBlock work itís magic for you too!


Charles Edmonds

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