ProImage Features

Version 4.0 of ProImage is now available!

It includes a Clarion 10 installer and adds new features

Click here for details.

Be sure to look at these new features!

ProImage is feature rich without being cumbersome.

Most options are controllable via the templates and the user interface will even adapt itself at runtime based on the settings you send to it.

This level of intelligent programming will save you time and money and make it easy for you to add advanced imaging to you Clarion applications!


Here are some of the features in ProImage:

Easily Control Image Sources

ProImage presents the user with load options from the sources you specify:

Load Menu - all sources

Use advanced image crop and selection technology

ProImage provides you with a Visual Targeting System to make it easy for your users to “see” exactly what the finished image would look like in real time.

When a image is loaded, the entire image is displayed in the target indicator at the size specified (or a scaled down version).

Visual Target  System at work

By simply clicking on the photo and rolling the mouse wheel (or using the zoom buttons) the user can move in close and transform an average photo into a great photo!

The Visual Target System always shows what the final result will be.

Zoom Crop at work

When the user is satisfied with the result - they click save.

If you have the advanced save screen enabled they see this:

Advanced save - file info

You have access to the full range of file types that ImageEx can save to, but only the most common are presented to simplify the user interface.

ProImage can even create entire image sets at the same time!

Advanced save - file sets

If you do not have the advanced save enabled - you can still preset all the options and filenames.

Then when your user clicks save they are simply returned to the parent form. ProImage can even automatically display the captured image for you.

The captured image back in the parent control

In this sample you can see that a single button is all it takes to call the ProImage Editor.


ProImage does a lot more work for you too.


It creates thumbnails (even with rounded corners), great screen images and high quality print images that print at the correct size without distortion.

It also creates ultra small PDF files of the images.

ProImage also has a optional File Handler to make it easy to manipulate your files in/out of storage - even in network drives, blob fields our with our blob automation.

ProImage also comes with a Image Assembler that makes it easy to build composite photos such as this:

ID sample 1  or this: ID sample 2

More info on these items soon.


Meanwhile take a look at our online help.


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